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Domain Web Forwarding via DNS

If your domain is registered with Nimbus Hosting and is using our nameservers, you'll be able to use our web forwarding service. 

To set up web forwarding for your domain first log in to the client area via the following URL -  

Then click on Domains > My Domains

Click the spanner icon to the right of the domain you want set up forwarding on, then click "Manage Domain"

Then click on "Web Forwarding" in the left hand pane

Tick the box to activate forwarding, enter the URL you would like your domain to forward to and then click "Save Changes"

And that's it. You'll need to wait an hour for the forwarding to become active as in the background a DNS change is being made to point the A records on your domain to our web forwarding server.

It's worth noting that the domain you are forwarding from will only work on http.