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Changing the Name Servers for your Domain

A domain's name servers specify what servers are responsible for supplying the DNS records. They can be provided by the domain registrar or they can be separate, it is completely up to you. The name servers are set with the domain registrar. If your domain is registered with us then you can use the steps below to set the name servers you'd like to use.

Note: Before changing name servers, you should ensure that a DNS zone exists on those name servers. This guide will help you if you are using ours - Setting up a Domain to use our Nameservers

Note: Name servers changes take a full 24 hours to propagate.


1. Login to you Nimbus client area -

2. Select Domains -> My Domains.

3. Select Manage Domain from the drop down menu.

4. Click Nameservers.

5. Specify the name servers that you'd like to use and click change name servers.


Setting up a Domain to use our Nameservers

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