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Troubleshooting FTP Issues

FTP is very simple via our Hosting platform, you can find guides on the link below regarding where to find the details, how to reset the details, how to add users, etc

From time to time, you may still have issues connecting or uploading via FTP. At these times one of the options below may be the cure. It would also be worth trying on another connection or by using an alternative FTP client to see if you can isolate the issue.

Connection times out

By default our servers are open on port 21 for connections from any IP, this is to offer flexibility on this kind of connection. If you have enabled PCI compliance though, FTP access will be restricted to specific IP. Check the guides below about checking PCI compliance and checking the IP allow list.

Another issue may be the encryption. To keep things secure, we only allow encrypted FTP access (FTP-S). Make sure that you have your connection set in your FTP client to connect using this method. Different FTP clients / programs may refer to FTP-S by different names, such as:

  • FTP with TLS/SSL
  • Require explicit FTP over TLS
  • FTP-SSL (explicit AUTH-TLS)

Failing the above, we also offers SFTP for file transfers. This is an alternative connection type to FTP so you may have more joy. SFTP connections are on port 22 rather than port 21 and the user details are the SSH user details. You can use a standard FTP client for this. You will also need to allow your IP for this kind of connection, please see the guides below:

Cannot upload files

In this scenario, the first step would be to reset the file permissions on the website, the guide below will help:

FTP server security prevents files being directly uploaded to folders that share names with system folders. Folders like lib, var or etc. To resolve this you just need to create a new FTP user with a directory a folder higher than where you are uploading, see the guides below: