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The Teams feature within our hosting platform allows you to easily manage a group of users and the access they have to different servers. Until now you have been able to invite people on a per user basis to access a server. We have a guide on how to do this here:


Managing Users


Whilst you can invite people on a per user basis, the Teams feature now lets you create a group users. Once your team has been created, you can then use this to grant access to one or all of your servers in one hit. 




1. To get started, log in to the platform and click on the "Teams" button from the options on the left of the Account page.


2. Click the "Add Team" button, specify a team name of your choice and click "Create Team".


3. You'll now see a list of teams. Make a note of the team reference as well as the name as you will need this later. To manage your team click the cog next to your team name



4. Add users to your team by clicking the "Add Member" button, type in the users email address and click "Invite Member".


When you have added all the users you want in your team you are then ready to give the team access to your servers


Giving a Team access to a server (owners only)


If you are an owner user of a server you will have the ability to give a team access to this server. Anyone that currently has access to your server can be made an owner by the current server owner or Nimbus support can do this for you. 




1. Firstly go to the dashboard of the server you want to grant access to.


2. Then click "Users" in the left hand pane



3. Next click "Add Team".



4. You can then either find your team by using the team reference or the name of your team. Select one of the two then click on "Next".


5. Find your team from the drop down menu



6. Finally click on "Add Team".



7. That's it. All the users in your team will now have access to this server and will see it listed alongside any other servers they have access to within their multi-server dashboard.